Helping Clients, Their Contractors and Consultants, Cope with Coronavirus


As construction faces further challenges to an already stressed industry, like us, you will anticipate demand for reliable professional guidance in navigating this new situation.

We see two key issues, amongst many; how to manage site shutdowns and the impact on the relationship between clients and their partners, and how to re-animate sites once the crisis has passed, whilst preserving or re-establishing collaboration and a sound contractual relationship in what may be post-traumatic circumstances.

  • Lawyers will provide advice on contractual implications; Commercial Risk Management is offering pragmatic commercial advice on process, procedures and risk management.
  • Lawyers will be asked to support resolution of conflict and apportioning of cost and culpability; CRM will be offering advice on quantum, commercial aspects, and programme implications – time/delay and entitlements.
  • Lawyers will be asked to prepare advice on strategies to protect the interests of the various parties; CRM will be offering pragmatic advice on the commercial implications and risk profile of these strategies – informed decision making, negotiation from a position of clarity, and risk management.

This unprecedented situation is unwelcome to employer clients, their contractors and consultant partners, but crises such as this are opportunity for specialists like your team and ours to provide timely support and advice. The prospect of large scale interruption will create demand for legal and commercial advice, Project Intervention and Project Recovery.

We would very much like the opportunity to see how our respective businesses might align to offer practical help to those who procure and deliver construction projects.

By way of an aide memoire of CRM, our approach, our attributes and skills, please click on the link below for our capability document ‘Working With Law Firms’, and of course, please contact us should you have any specifics to discuss; we look forward to working with you.

Working with Law Firms 2020