Our construction and property industry commercial management services cover two key areas:

1. Contract management

A robust contract both protects your position and ensures as far as possible that all parties understand the project specifics and are working towards the same goals. We know everything there is to know about construction contracts and commercial management and our team of contract managers are available to provide you with a full range of commercial contract management services including:

  • commercial advice from tender through to contract
  • contract negotiations and agreement of contract terms
  • drafting of contractual letters and notices
  • analysing and managing contract reviews
  • setting commercial strategies
  • identification of risk and advice on risk management
  • procurement services
  • supply chain management
  • record-keeping
  • advice on implementation of best practice
  • advice on legislative requirements
  • management of your commercial teams and staff mentoring
  • benchmarking
  • dispute resolution

2. Financial management in construction

Financial management in the construction industry can be fraught with problems. The effect of delays, staffing shortages, changes to contract, misunderstandings and a range of unforeseeable issues are almost certainly guaranteed to have a knock-on effect on your budget.

Monitoring and keeping control of those all-important finances is much easier if you have a dedicated person in place to manage the process. That’s why our full financial management service is so popular. In construction, with so much else to think about, knowing that a professional organisation is working to maximise your revenue while minimising costs is a big weight off your mind.

Our full financial management service provides:

  • help with cost value reconciliation
  • advice on project valuations
  • monitoring of accounts
  • inter-party negotiation
  • report and advice on cash flow and profitability
  • development of strategies for improving cash flow
  • production of final accounts
  • account settling services
  • payments to staff and subcontractors
  • financial advice in all areas