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We also recognise that sometimes an audit is required at very short notice. For this reason, we operate a short notice service. However tight your deadline, we will try our utmost to work within your time constraints.

The benefits of a construction project audit

Although not a legislative requirement, a construction project audit is much more than a ‘nice to have’. In fact, some would say it is essential element of risk management for the construction industry.

Our project audits gives you a complete overview of the project, including your contractual position, adequacy of programming, quality of record-keeping, on-site risk management, professionalism of site staff, suitability of site procedures and an analysis of true progress. Each audit also provides that all important information on expenditure via a review of procurement processes, a comparison of expenditure against initial cost estimates and an analysis of cost saving opportunities. This review can also identify areas for concern such as poor accounting procedures and financial mismanagement – even fraud.

We have successfully audited construction projects ranging from £1 million up to £180 million, so whatever the size of your project we can help. Call us now

The benefits of a company audit

Our company audits not only help you understand your company position at a specific moment in time, but also help identify areas for improvement as well as potential opportunities for driving your business forward. Importantly, our company audits also help you identify whether you have the right commercial controls and risk management processes in place, specific to the needs of the construction industry.

Any company audit will highlight both strengths and weaknesses. Whatever the outcome of your audit, we have the experience and expertise to take your company to the next level, designing and putting in place the processes and procedures you need to meet the standards you want to see in your company.

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