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Specialist services for construction arbitration and litigation

Arbitration and litigation is never an easy process. However, our clients often tell us it is much less stressful with our support than it would otherwise have been.

Our involvement can also save you and your legal team a lot of time, so keeping potential costs to a minimum.

What is the difference between construction arbitration and litigation?

  • Construction arbitration

    is a formal, more cost effective alternative to litigation and is particularly relevant for disputes related to technical issues. The decision is binding in the same way as a decision made through litigation.

  • Construction litigation

    should be considered the final resort. Indeed, a court may put litigation on hold while alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as arbitration, adjudication or mediation are conducted. Construction litigation is commonly used where alternative methods of dispute resolution have been unsuccessful, where more than two parties are involved in the dispute or where a party to the dispute is not complying with the decision made at adjudication or arbitration.

Our construction arbitration and litigation services include:

  • technical, commercial and planning advice to construction and property firms
  • liaison with our clients’ legal representatives
  • advice on project planning and programming
  • advice on building processes and procedures
  • delay analysis
  • analysis of contracts and contractual claims
  • assessment services, such as in relation to quantum
  • quantum reports
  • collation of relevant documents and production of written reports
  • a start-to-finish ‘hand holding’ service
  • technical and commercial advice directly to the legal profession
  • expert witness duties