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Construction planning and programme of works

Our approach to planning and designing a construction programme of works is structured and methodical, yet with an emphasis on flexibility to allow for adaptations as the project develops. Prior to planning or preparing a programme of works we carry out a thorough analysis of the project and the construction site, including required resources and most appropriate construction methods for the project, and then use key project planning software such as Asta Power Project, MS Project and Primavera to design and produce a programme of works which includes:

  • project objectives
  • identified construction methods
  • equipment requirements
  • procurement requirements, including time allocations
  • information required schedules
  • critical path analysis
  • schedule of activities
  • identification of milestones
  • resource allocation
  • allocation of budgets
  • visual timeline

Why outsource your construction planning and programme of works

Working in the construction and property industry is hard work! It involves mental and physical stamina, demands high performance and productivity, and can involve long hours. With so much to think about and organise, proper planning and programming can sometimes get left to one side.

But meticulous planning and a solid programme of works can save you time, money and unnecessary headaches over the long term. It allows you to monitor progress against milestones and is essential for protecting or promoting your position in the event of a claim or request for extension of time.

Outsourcing your construction planning and programme of works to us allows you to concentrate on other aspects of the project, while giving you the reassurance that such a vital piece of work is being effectively and efficiently managed.

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