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Commercial Risk Management construction record keeping services

We place great emphasis on good quality project monitoring and record-keeping and offer a specific, focused service in this respect. In addition to the usual project monitoring activities performed by your construction project manager, we can offer independent project monitoring from our experienced consultants, covering all elements of the project from contractual and financial monitoring to monitoring of health and safety, project milestones, general project progress and quality of workmanship. Alongside this comprehensive service, we also offer a first rate construction record keeping service, including a photographic history of the whole construction process if required.

Whether you’re looking to introduce a new, more effective system of record-keeping for an individual project or across your company as a whole, we can:

  • set up systems for filing and preserving correspondence (emails, letters, memos)
  • set up systems for filing and retaining important documents such as the original tender document, the contract, subcontractor contracts, designs and revisions, contractual amendments, programming documents, milestone schedules and accident/incident reports
  • file quotes, purchase orders and invoices
  • monitor and record daily project activities, including time allocated
  • monitor and record daily use of equipment
  • record projected cost estimates alongside actual expenditure
  • produce and file progress reports
  • take photographs and/or video evidence of the construction process and log/file
  • train your staff in effective record-keeping