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Strategies for the ‘New Normal’ 

new normal

Optimising development outcomes following lockdown, and beyond

Developers, especially SME Real Estate organisations, are experiencing unprecedented challenges arising from the impact of Covid-19, on top of already ‘interesting’ trading conditions (we will soon remember when the ‘B’ word was ubiquitous).

The changing nature of demand for different products, such as ‘build to rent’, re-purposing the town centre, the ‘opportunities’ from new retail models, and the likely shift by increased working from home will all affect what to develop and how to procure – from a hard pressed construction sector.

Imminently we anticipate increased stress and conflict, from the shutting of sites, running projects under social distancing, and re-opening sites where contractors and supply chain have suffered during lockdown.

Commercial Risk Management, in partnership with specialist professional partners, can help to navigate through to optimum outcomes – ‘Designing In’ certainty at the onset, ‘Working Out’ great delivery, for work in progress and ‘Closing Out’ successfully, and fairly, at the end of the contract.

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